I’m heading out to GenCon Indy soon, my first since 2006, and I’m quite excited to see a lot of friends I haven’t in that time and hopefully come away with a few more. I’m going as a civilian this year so don’t have much officially planned but I’m not hard to spot milling about the floor. (I’ll probably have a towel with me.)

For those interested, Little Fears Nightmare Edition will be on sale at Cubicle 7‘s booth (#315) and I’m sure I’ll be around there a fair bit.

I’ll also be at the Diana Jones Awards on Wednesday and most likely at the Ennies Awards ceremony on Friday.

On Sunday, I’ll be at Gameplaywright‘s signing ceremony for their all-about-dice anthology The Bones (to which I contributed an essay). That will be from 1p-2p at the Indie Press Revolution booth (#2339).

Outside of those, who knows! I’m focusing on fun and catching up this year. I’m open to ideas if there’s a gathering or function you wouldn’t mind me crashing. Find me on the floor, on Twitter, via phone or email.

To those going, I’ll see you there! To those not, I’ll see you when I get back (and maybe at a later show sometime).