T.S. Luikart Speaks

November 15th, 2010rpg

Ethan from Gamer’s Haven interviewed my good friend and convention-partner-in-crime T.S. Luikart a while back, and the podcast is now available for your listening pleasure.

T.S. has done some amazing work in the tabletop industry over the years with credits on Green Ronin‘s comic-based Red Star and Nocturnals campaign settings for Mutants & Masterminds and the Dragon Age RPG (based on the popular video game). His next big credit, the Dragon Age scenario Blood in Ferelden, is out now in PDF (and soon in print).

Check out the interview with California’s golden boy here.

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What I’ve Been Up To

November 12th, 2010news, rpg

The past couple weeks have been fairly busy as I prep and execute some personal projects and prospective larger projects. One of those I’m most proud of is the work I’ve been doing to support Little Fears Nightmare Edition. It’s a great game that I love dearly and I’ve finally managed to make the time to release support material for it. First is the Campfire Tales line of standalone ready-to-use episodes and next after (well, during as Campfire Tales is a monthly release) is Book 2 in the LFNE line, titled Among the Missing. No date on that one yet but I’ll update the official Little Fears site when I do.

For those interested, you can get Campfire Tales #1: Beggars Night in PDF format over at DriveThruRPG.

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Matt Forbeck’s AMORTALS

November 12th, 2010fiction

Matt Forbeck was among the first professionals who welcomed me into the game industry. I’ve been a fan of his for years but more than simply enjoying his work I’ve enjoyed seeing his career branch out, reaching higher and higher. I like when my friends do well, I smile when I see their work appreciated and their goals achieved, so I’m near giddy that his first original novel not only got picked up but was snagged by one of the most exciting publishers out there, Angry Robot.

Introducing Matt Forbeck’s AMORTALS.

Matt’s a machine and he’s earned every success. I hope AMORTALS (and his other upcoming novel VEGAS KNIGHTS, also published by Angry Robot) do well for him. If you’re in the UK, you can grab it on bookshelves now. Folks in the US (like me) will have to wait until January 2011. It’s available everywhere in digital format though so if you can’t wait to tear into it, grab the Nook or Kindle flavors.

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