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March 25th, 2011news, video games

I’ve been a fan of point-and-click adventure games since I was a teen. Like a lot of my hobbies, I came to it through my brother who introduced me to games like Prisoner of Ice, Bad Mojo, and Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father. Once I had my own PC, my first game purchase was Sanitarium and I soon moved on to Grim Fandango and Blade Runner, two classics of the genre. I took a break from gaming in the early 2000s but I came back big time in 2005. Quickly upon my return, I rediscovered my love of point-and-click adventure titles. I fell hard for Syberia I & II, Still Life, Puzzle Agent, Trace Memory, Hotel Dusk, and many others. Right now, my computer’s desktop is littered with shortcuts to adventure titles from the new games on retail shelves and Steam to the not-so-new from my personal archive or Good Old Games.

My love of the genre is well-documented, as many online and face-to-face conversations attest. And that love is about to be even more documented as I have recently joined the world’s most popular site dedicated to my favorite genre, AdventureGamers.com, as a Staff Writer. My first article, a preview of the hotly-anticipated A New Beginning is up already, and I’ll be contributing as much as the site’s editor-in-chief Jack Allin and my schedule will allow.

If you dig adventure games, you should already be checking out AdventureGamers.com. My presence there, on the main page and in the forums, is just a bonus, right?


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ICONS: Danger in Dunsmouth

March 22nd, 2011news, rpg

Danger in Dunsmouth, a scenario I wrote for Adamant Entertainment’s excellent ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying game, hit the virtual shelves today. Here’s the intro:

A trio of witch-sisters has put the New England town of Dunsmouth under their spell. The three wicked siblings are using the ensorcelled citizens to summon an ancient evil from the Atlantic’s murky depths to destroy mankind and set themselves upon thrones as queens of the world!

As humanity’s only hope, the heroes must infiltrate the coastal cult, find out where the charming ladies are hiding, and put an end to this arcane insanity before it’s too late!

Can the heroes stop the denizens of Dunsmouth from summoning a subaquatic cephalopod or will mankind fall victim to a terror older than time?


If you’re familiar with Steve Kenson’s rules-light take on four-color superheroes already, you know ICONS delivers a fast-paced and fun time at the gaming table. If you’re not, but are a fan of RPGs such as the Marvel (FASERIP) Game from the 80s, you have to give ICONS a spin. It’s a blast to play.

Check out my take on eldritch horror in the comic book universe with Danger in Dunsmouth, now available at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

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