Conduit 2: Out Today!

April 19th, 2011news, video games

As you may remember, I spent a good portion of my summer last year working with the fine folks at High Voltage Software on their upcoming Wii-exclusive shooter Conduit 2. After seeing a few delays (very common in the video game biz), I am happy to tell you that Conduit 2 hits store shelves today. If you have a GameStop local to you, you can pick up the Limited Edition of the game (which includes a 44-page art booklet as well as an exclusive suit of multiplayer armor and a fancy version of the game’s All-Seeing Eye) for the same price as the regular edition other stores have.

I can’t wait to tear open a copy and get playing. I really enjoyed the game while it was in pre-alpha development and can only imagine how good it must be now.

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Interview with Geekcentricity

April 11th, 2011interviews

A couple weeks ago, author and gamer Jonathan Reynolds interviewed me for Geekcentricity. Topics ranged from my geek cred (I have little) to the inspiration behind Little Fears, to my video game work, to what items I consider indispensable when it comes to exploring dungeons.

You can read the interview right here. Thanks to Jonathan and the folks at Geekcentricity for the chat!

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