Hear Me on the Jennisodes

March 19th, 2012interviews, rpg, video games

I recently sat down with Jenn from the Jennisodes to discuss my latest project, Streets of Bedlam, as well as future plans for the Little Fears Nightmare Edition line and a short rant on stories in video games. Jenn is a wonderful host and runs a fantastic podcast. Be sure to check out the latest episode for me, and then dig into her backlist for some amazing guests and insights into all sorts of gaming-related topics.

Huge thanks to Jenn for having me on, and I’d love to drop in again sometime.

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A Sketchy Tweet

March 2nd, 2012news

I love Twitter. It allows me to shoot off a quick note about a news item, life event, professional anecdote, or wry observation without needing to find a way to turn that thought into a proper blog post (or, y’know, just keeping it to myself). Another benefit is sharing these thoughts with a bunch of folks of similar interest, meeting new people, and especially reading others’ anecdotes, observations, and news shares in return.

And sometimes, well so far just this once, something I tweet inspires someone in a way I never would have predicted. At least, that’s what happened the other day when the folks at Improvised Live turned one of my tweets into an improv comedy sketch. Craziness.

You can check it out below, and click on the link to check out their other videos as well.

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