Below are some things I’ve written that I may one day published or that were almost published (RIP The Long Count) included here for amusement.

Short Fiction

I have occasionally published some short fiction on this site. To save you from having to dig through updates, I will link to them here.

“Captive Audience” – Middle Grade fiction where a time-traveling archaeologist visits a Champaign landmark.
“Rest” – Middle Grade survival fiction in the vein of Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet.


I’ve written two novels so far in my life. The first was a 50k-word tie-in novel for my Little Fears setting. The other is a 30k Middle Grade horror novel about a boy trying to figure out how and why he died.

Little Fears: The Wolf Pact

Later this year (2014), I’ll be revising Little Fears: The Wolf Pact into a 30k Middle Grade novel.

Party Games

I designed the following games back in 2002 and 2006 respectively. They never saw playtesting but they seem fun in concept. I’ve received at least a couple play reports on Insects of God where the feedback was very positive. Download the PDF, read them, play them. If you do, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

INSECTS OF GOD – You and your friends are each aspects, desires, vices, etc. of a single person. Using a bidding mechanic, you vie for control of the person during their last, worst day on this earth. By the end of the game, this person will be dead. The more you influence their death spiral, the more points you get. Uses tokens (beads, pennies, whatever).

GUNS IN THE SUBURBS – Four players are privileged gossips sitting down to chat with each other. Through the game, you air grievances and expose dirty laundry about your friends and others in your affluent neighborhood. Uses a standard deck of cards.

Comic Book Scripts

Back in 2007, I was the writer on a series called The Long Count published through Archaia Studios Press. Unfortunately, circumstances saw the series cut short (only one issue made it on shelves) but I wrote four of the projected 12 scripts. I put them online in 2011 in PDF format for folks who wanted to see where the series was headed.

You can read more about The Long Count in my March 6th, 2011 post. And you can dive into the scripts here:

Here are links to the PDF versions of the scripts (language warning). Click the cover for a close-up. Click the link for the PDF. Alas, no cover was ever made for Issue 4:

The Long Count #1: The Silence Inside Her Heart, Part One

The Long Count #2: The Silence Inside Her Heart, Part Two

The Long Count #3: The Old Blood

Issue 4: No Cover

The Long Count #4: The Permanence of Stains, Part One