Hear Me on the Jennisodes

March 19th, 2012interviews, rpg, video games

I recently sat down with Jenn from the Jennisodes to discuss my latest project, Streets of Bedlam, as well as future plans for the Little Fears Nightmare Edition line and a short rant on stories in video games. Jenn is a wonderful host and runs a fantastic podcast. Be sure to check out the latest episode for me, and then dig into her backlist for some amazing guests and insights into all sorts of gaming-related topics.

Huge thanks to Jenn for having me on, and I’d love to drop in again sometime.

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Hear Me on Gamestarter (and Then Again!)

January 27th, 2012interviews, rpg

I sat down with Josh Mannon from the Gamestarter podcast a couple weeks ago not once but twice! The first was a sit-down with Josh and fellow writer/designer Filamena Young to discuss various game projects currently seeking funding including Filamena’s own Flatpack: Fix the Future. The second time was an interview focused entirely on me, my upcoming neo-noir crime setting Streets of Bedlam, and the madness that is running a Kickstarter campaign.

Check out the panel with Josh and Filamena here.

You can hear me talk way too much about myself and Streets of Bedlam here.

Thanks to Josh for having me on and to Filamena for being a great co-guest.

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T.S. Luikart Speaks

November 15th, 2010rpg

Ethan from Gamer’s Haven interviewed my good friend and convention-partner-in-crime T.S. Luikart a while back, and the podcast is now available for your listening pleasure.

T.S. has done some amazing work in the tabletop industry over the years with credits on Green Ronin‘s comic-based Red Star and Nocturnals campaign settings for Mutants & Masterminds and the Dragon Age RPG (based on the popular video game). His next big credit, the Dragon Age scenario Blood in Ferelden, is out now in PDF (and soon in print).

Check out the interview with California’s golden boy here.

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Hear Me on Chronic Rift

March 23rd, 2010video games

John S. Drew and the other good folks at the Chronic Rift podcast invited me to appear on their podcast as a member of a roundtable discussion on “Science Fiction and Fantasy in Video Games.” Geek Radio Daily‘s Billy Flynn was the other guest, and I had a blast talking about everything from the world’s best version of Pac-Man (it’s Assassin’s Creed) to how games are made, why they sell, and whether games without dialogue are bona fide hits.

Hear me babble about digital fun in Episode 76 of the Chronic Rift podcast.

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